Cruelty free makeup

imageOur skin is our biggest organ. So in theory  we should be more mindful about what we are putting on to our skin than what we are eating.

I discovered arbonne make up about 2 years ago and fell in love.

The products are vegan, botanical and high quality.

I’ve studied various make up courses, had my make up done professionally  numerous times and never liked the outcome as much as I have with these products.

The simple fact is they are good. That is why I represent them and that is how they have found their way onto the beauty section of my blog.

I feel clean when I wear this make up, knowing exactly what is on my skin and not worrying about chemicals and parabens finding their way into my blood stream. (Because that is the truth of the matter)

Below are the products and colours I used to create this simple everyday ‘no make up’ look.

Arbonne perfecting liquid foundation in ‘Honey Beige’

Arbonne sheer glow highlighting stick in ‘Bronze’

Arbonne blush fard à joues in ‘Dusty rose’

Arbonne shape it up tinted brow cream in  ‘ light/medium’

Arbonne rouge à lèvres lipstick in ‘magnolia’

My beauty tips –

1: Arbonne primer

2: Arbonne sheer butter lip balm over lipstick for a gloss look

3: Individual false lashes are a godsend (🙈) But the Arbonne mascara is just as good!


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