Heal after heartbreak with my chosen top ten affirmations. 💔

40E38122-B158-4EAC-BE73-C46A6B0777C6So you’re there. You’re a little broken and you find yourself thinking “Now I know why they call it heart break.” Because that’s exactly how it feels.

Everyone around you does their absolute best to try and find the words to say but it never quite eases the pain you feel inside.

You think it’s going to last forever. I know.

But my intention isn’t to write heart felt paragraphs going into depth about heartbreak or my own personal experiences. This is to share with you something simple and effective that a friend shared with me at the time I needed it the most, and I’m so grateful to her that she did.

Time heals and so do AFFIRMATIONS.

My top ten affirmations I used to help heal my💔

1. I will heal from this.

2. I am so deserving of love.

3. I trust myself.

4. I forgive myself.

5. I am completely whole and perfect by myself.

6. This happened for a reason.

7. There is something better waiting for me.

8. I will be better than I’ve ever been before.

9. I will love again.

10. I release my past.


Happy Love day






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