LDN ❤️

Morning London. You are still magic, you still hold that whole ‘dreams come true’ look about you.

I suppose I needed to say that out loud.

But I’m not resiliant to the heaviness. My own dreams are anxious…

We show our support and debuts. A whole lot of broken hearts and barely any words.

We can make this less painful, we can heal faster from these tragedies, there are always things we can do.

But it got me thinking. Social media debuts, british flags, the radio “We will stand together”, doesn’t it just re-establish that one massive problem?

How cut off we are slowly becoming from real human interaction and intimacy.

Maybe everything seemed a little clearer before because now we’ve been reminded that we need each other. We need other people, kind words and conversations. Scary isn’t it?

Our own heads and the shit we have on our own plates suddenly didn’t feel like enough anymore. Does it even matter? When it comes down to something like this? What stands for something?

Im guessing if you’re still reading maybe you feel the same.

The world is changing and we cant afford to think so small anymore.

Be a light.

Be different.

Love someone completey, if you’re brave enough.

I dare you.

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