I still don’t believe there is a woman on this earth who doesn’t have days where she doesn’t feel ‘as vibrant’ or ‘as sexy’ or ‘as thin’ as she did the day before. Comparison is the thief in the night. I’m lucky enough to have stages where I feel so powerful and confident but it […]

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Getting the inside right first

Introducing you to a more sustainable and enjoyable healthy way of living. I’ve learnt first handed how much health and happiness coincide. As my life transitioned into pretty continuos hustle and work hours no longer being the normal 9/5 my health slipped down my priority list when it shouldnt have. Although I love putting my […]

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A moment of clarity.

I was walking through London today and for the first time in a long time I let myself breathe. I mean fully take in the moment and just be content with it. Content with myself and how far Ive come and all I’ve overcome. I was happy. I am happy. Right here. Thats the first […]

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LDN ❤️

Morning London. You are still magic, you still hold that whole ‘dreams come true’ look about you. I suppose I needed to say that out loud. But I’m not resiliant to the heaviness. My own dreams are anxious… We show our support and debuts. A whole lot of broken hearts and barely any words. We can […]

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